25.06.2019 Finance

Dealing with the peaks and troughs

Manage the ups and the downs!


Do you find that at certain times of the year your business is booming compared to other times when it’s slower?

For example, a business that sells ice creams will make more money in the summer when people want to sit out in the sun and enjoy something cold rather than in the winter months when it gets darker earlier and they just want to stay indoors. Same can be said for businesses who make more money in the winter months with Christmas sales compared to in the summer months.

As a business owner you will know that if you have taken out finance there are some months when you’re making your repayments that find yourself thinking “I have extra money this month but in 2 months’ time will I have enough money for my repayments?” This can be an annoying position to be in.

But what if there was a simple solution to your problem? Well there is ….


Seasonal Payments!


Seasonal payments allow you to tailor your finance repayments so that in the months where you are making more money your payments are higher so that in the months were you make less the payments are smaller.

This allows you to keep control of your cashflow and plan ahead. As much as we like to think we’d put the money aside and save other things crop up that ends up using the money. This way you’re still paying the same amount overall but are spreading the cost to suit your business.

This is great for all businesses and especially those in tourism, agriculture, hospitality and outdoor sports who tending to have peak times and ‘off season’ times. These payments allow for a more flexible way of business finance.

We always want to have solutions available that help you and your business to grow and not cripple the bank account.

If you are looking at getting finance for your business speak to us about seasonal payments and see how they can help in your off-peak times.